Ennyn Sidhevair
Ennyn is an old elvish word for Gateway. The Ennyn are the two towers that stand at the entrance to the cove of Estelennyn or the Gateway to Hope in the islands of the Sidhevairs.

Ennyn Sidhevaiar actively explores literary and artistic nautical themes and the fantasy archetype of the pirate as well as similar literary outlaw characters, epic and folkloric heroes, and tricksters. A primary example of this sort of archetypal figure is the folkloric character Robin Hood;

Ennyn Sidhevair is dedicated to those pyratical aspects of fantasy that keep us all young and inspired and playful.

May Ennyn be an "Ever Ever Land"

You will need an Inworldz avatar to visit the Lands. If you don't have one please visit and follow the instructions you find there. Once you are set up and have an avatar contact Maerian Sidhevair, Sunryze Mistwalker, Clankus Sidhevair, Astoria Luminos, or Jeanette Villiers for assistance in getting situated and finding the Sidhevair islands.

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