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A beautiful work to consider:

Madshobbithole: lovely rendering of Bag Eng

While the Sidhevair site primarily focuses upon ways in which the Inworldz islands of the Sidhevairs further our interests in mythopoeia and the related work of Westernesste, above is a link to the work of a woman in the UK, Maddie Chambers, who has taken the inspiration emerging from Tolkien's work and translated it into a different sort of 3D from the work we do in the Sidhevair islands. She's built a truly amazing doll house based upon Bilbo and Frodo's beloved Bag End--and this is an inspired piece of work.

There are a delightful number of positive responses (via comments) to her  extraordinary labor of love. A few of them have been critical that Maddie has spent so much time on this interpretive work when she should have adhered (slavishly it would appear) to the description in the book. This is despite the fact that she has made it clear that she has drawn upon the film depiction for part of her inspiration, and that she has pointed out that the rounding of internal halls, were beyond the scope of her work on a dollhouse expression of Bag End.

I draw attention to the few rigid responses to someone who has created such beauty because they are reminiscent of similar discussions (and arguments) on Elvish languages. (i.e. can we try to fill in the holes in Tolkien's invented languages--like Sindarin--by extrapolation or manipulating Quenya to extract useful Elvish words?)

I think it's important that when we approach mythopoeic works including those of the greats among us like Tolkien, that we don't lose our view of the forest for the trees. While it's good to have a deep knowledge of underlying structures--it's also important to relax and appreciate beauty and inspiration.

 With regard to the occasional concerns that Maddie has taken artistic liberties in her interpretation of Bag End (as depicted in both books and film), I can only say that she is handling the absurdity of what is basically fundamentalism with great dignity.

While I deeply understand the almost manic enthusiasm and passion that Tolkien’s work inspires, I think this passion is best expressed and honored through inspiration such as Maddie's rather than dogged attempts to find where and on what page she misinterpreted his descriptions (there is one hilarious satiric comment about the tilt of Bilbo's quill–that captures the aburdity of this sort of argument). Her work is exceptional and lovely and captures the warmth and ‘hominess’ of the Shire in a way that I have rarely experienced. We see a lot of mythopoeic works playing with language and poetry, and less tribute paid via the visual and 3 dimensional arts–so as someone interested in a combination of approaches to mythopoeia I am pleased to bring this to the attention of the Faelf and other visitors to the Sidhevairs. I am honored that Maddie has granted permission for us to provide the above link to her work.
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