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Welcome to the Borange website (rhymes with orange)

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...rhymes with orange...

Welcome to Borange. If you want to get started and borange right away, please click the Rhyme and Reason link above or  "borange now".

To learn more about Borange or its parent organization please read on below.

Borange is a linguistic and mythopoetic service provided by Westernesste, an organization interested in myth and mythopoeia (among other things).

Borange is a site dedicated to the exploration of language, particularly for work in the areas of linguistic creativity, writing, poetry, and rhetoric and has as its specific focus a fondness for fantasy, folktales, epics, romances, myths, and earth-centric wordplay.

Borange is also an Elvish word for "loyal" (based upon Tolkien's work) and which fuses Sindar and Quenya's bor, an, and anga, and roughly translates as strongly steadfast (literally bor: steadfast; an: with; ang: iron).

By educating people in ways that they can play with and appreciate language, we hope to be of service to writers, poets, students of language and myth and to those making new contributions to mythopoeia. We will continue to update our site with links to various language sites including rhyming dictionaries, and sites offering a thesaurus, a dictionary, insights into mythopoeia, or whatever else happens to strike our fancy. We are happy to follow up on suggestions which you can email to the address below.

You can learn more about us by visiting our parent organization at www.westernesste.orgYou can also see some of our work in the area of myth and fantasy by visiting www.sidhevair.org and www.faelf.org
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Text on Borange Now:

Borange NowFor the time being to borange click the link to Rhyme & Reason and you will be taken to a boranging off place...
Links to articles and materials of use to mythopoets.
Under Construction

All work for Borange, Westernesste, the Faelf, and the Sidhevairs is supported entirely by donation. Please consider supporting this work.

Text on Language Resources: had links to the sites

Language Resources

Wikipedia's discussion of constructed languages

Elvish--site of the Elvish linguistic fellowship

Hisweloke's Sindarin Dictionary

Some Quenya Links

Elfling: A Yahoo Group on Elvish linguistics dead link need new info

Ardalambion: a significant site on the invented languages of Tolkien (not just Elvish ones, too!)

If you are inclined to take this all too seriously!

This site is currently under construction. It will provide:
Links to articles and materials of use to mythopoets.