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Mythopoetics involves the study of mythopoeic literature as well as the creation of new and transformative mythological material. Mythopoetics explores not only how mythology can transform its readers or the characters within the literature, but also how mythopoetic elements can inspire personal or social creative, spiritual, and/or ethical growth.

Borange is interested in providing tools for those of us interested in the study or crafting of mythopoeic works.

Among these tools may be links to invented languages, tools for writers, poets and mythopoets (such as a dictionary, rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, or translator), or articles and resources that shed light upon the study of language, fantasy, and mythic literature.

Borange is a linguistic and mythopoetic service provided by Westernesste, an organization interested in myth and mythopoeia (among other things).

Borange is a site dedicated to the exploration of language, particularly for work in the areas of linguistic creativity, writing, poetry, and rhetoric and has as its specific focus a fondness for fantasy, folktales, epics, romances, myths, and earth-centric wordplay.

 By educating people in ways that they can play with and appreciate language, we hope to be of service to writers, poets, students of language and myth and to new contributions to mythopoeia. We will continue to update our site with links to various language sites including rhyming dictionaries, and sites offering a thesaurus, a dictionary, insights into mythopoeia, and whatever else happens to strike our fancy.

You can learn more about us by visiting our parent organization at www.westernesste.orgYou can also see some of our work in the area of myth and fantasy by visiting and
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