The Caladanann Sidhevair Healing Pool: A place for healing, prosperity,  manifestation, and growth

Over the years in the groups the Faelf have wandered we have seen many instances in which communities come together to support the growth, well-being and healing of members experiencing the many challenges that Life offers. 

We have see that working together to send love, care, and good thoughts can, when "pooled", often  a more powerful and stronger context for the support of our loved ones, than  individual expressions of caring and wishes for well-being. This is the power of the gestalt effect: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

For this reason we have decided to rezz a space in the Sidhevairs in which we can individually and collectively store up good wishes and spiritual healing both because it feels good to pour out good will, and because at times all of us need to bathe in the good will of our communities. 

The  Healing Pool is a place where one or many can come and feed their right, good, and true healing intentions and prayerful thoughts into the pool. The pool receives these healing energies and holds them in trust for someone who might want or feel the need to have a healing take place, weather In World or Out. The magical intent for this pool is for it to act similar to a battery, a capacitor--that it be able to store up healthy healing feelings and powers that will flow into the recipient, any time, day or night. 

To charge up the pool, sit along its edge or around it and imagine your healing thoughts and prayers flowing into it. You can be near it via pixels through Inworldz or once you have seen it, focus on it with your mind's eye and send your prayers to it from wherever you are Inworldz or in the Out World. You can also see it via the Web at, and you can take a photo and place it in an appropriate place in the Out World. 

If you happen to be at the beach and want to charge the pool with your energies and the soothing power of the sea, gently bring your attention to the Caladanann Pool and channel your ocean energies directly there. Similarly, if you are at any body of water or simply  walking along a forest path, or on a breezy meadow, wherever you are and you feel right in doing so, send your prayers and healing powers to the pool. 

Over time, a rich potent stew of energies will be available for those who feel the need to embody them and be renewed, empowered, strengthened, and healed*. 

 The Healing Pool will welcome and will need charging and recharging over time.

To use the pool: 

Select a float ball and relax onto the waters. Breathe slowly and deeply. Release yourself into the floating sensations provided by the warm pool. Allow the healing energies to work into you, let them find their way to the reason you need the healing. Allow, release, let go. Relax, and let yourself feel supported, beloved, and be supported in the healing of what ails you.* 

You will need an Inworldz avatar to visit the Lands. If you don't have one please visit and follow the instructions you find there. Once you are set up and have an avatar contact Maerian Sidhevair, Sunryze Mistwalker, Clankus Sidhevair, or Jeanette Villiers for assistance in getting situated and finding the Sidhevair islands.

*Medical Disclaimer:

Please note that accessing healing from Westernesste and/or in the Sidhevairs in any way, including the use of the Healing Pool, Groves, Sanctuaries, Rituals, Drum Circles and Spiritual Consultation with the Priest/esses and Healers among the Faelf of the Sidhevair Islands and Westernesste  is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship or supplant any in-person medical consultation or examination. The Sidhevairs and Westernesste advise that you always seek the advice of a trained health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before seeking any treatment. Proper medical attention should always be sought for specific ailments. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking medical treatment due to information obtained from Westernesste or the Sidhevairs. Any spiritual healing offered by Westernesste and the Sidhevairs is not intended to replace proper medical care. 

This healing pool is for your own use, and no claims real or imagined, implied or characterized by anyone in any way involved with the pool, real or imaginary, prior, now and in perpetuity, are libel for any sensations perceived by the chargers or users of the pool. Use at your own risk. Not intended to supplant or replace professional medical procedures or treatments or any other medical care.
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