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Originallly a landing page with some content and then links to the various islands via drop down in navigation and via links on the page with images of each island.

Here's the content from the landing page.

There are currently seventeen Sidhevair Islands although we hope to build more.

The Sidhevairs merge visual, aural, 3D digital, performance and collaborative participatory arts focused upon educating and inspiring our members and those with whom we come in contact. The Sidhevairs explores through the digital arts a variety of modern archetypes and mythopoeic concepts drawn from cross-cultural folkloric and fantasy literature. The Sidhevairs seek to poetically and creatively draw upon these sources to intentionally create new myth and meaning with the hope of enriching the lives of our members.

The Sidhevair Islands Estel Sidhevair
Ennyn Sidhevair

Minas Sidhevair

Carassad Sidhevair

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