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Originally only a nav link with dropdowns including Editorials, Rants, ARticles, a link to founders blog, and 9 virtues lecture series. Content for each is below.

Over the years, the Elenarwen has written quite a few rants, essays, poems, lectures, reviews, editorials and stories. Some of these can be found at and some can be found elsewhere on this site. Below are the Editorials written while Maerian was editor of Green Egg. All pdfs opening from this page are copyright Maerian Morris who retains the rights to the materials herein. We apologize that some of the scanning of these older materials is slightly off kilter. All the pages are readable.

NOTE: Each of these was a pdf link.

Green Egg Editorials:

GE 107 
Walking the Labyrinth

GE 108 

GE 109 
Three Sprigs of Wheat for You, Mother

GE 110 
The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia and Community

GE 111 
Here We Are: The Faery Pull to the Green Places

GE 112 
Salmon Sex 

GE 113 
Sacred Healing: Eco-Spirituality and Health 

GE 114 
Exu, Coyote, and Oshun 

GE 115 
You're Either on The Bus or You're off the Bus 

GE 116 
Season of the Tree 

GE 117 
The Most Sacred Grove 

GE 118 
The Speculator Aliens 

GE 119 
Spring in the Garden 

GE 120 
Techno-Pagans: Starwood 96 (We are looking for the PDF, will upload asap.)

GE 121  
Millennial Witches: Prepare to Come About

GE 122  
On Dancing Shiva Bears and Ganesha

GE 123
Tales of Bright Eleusis

GE 124

GE 125
Delphi Speaks for Itself, Delphi I 

GE 126
Morning at the Oracle, Delphi II

GE 127
Web and Mountain, Delphi III 

GE 128
Message from the Mountain, Delphi IV 

GE 129
The Scent of Promise", Delphi V 

GE 130
On Mama's Belly: Ge at the Millennium, Delphi VI, Conclusion 

GE 131
For the Next Generation 

GE 132
Home Is Where the Heart Is 

GE 133
Wasteland Rant

GE 134

GE 135
Of Men and…

GE 136
How I Spent my Samhain Vacation

Articles page had another series of pdf links and this data:

Research Articles, Rants, Poetry and Articles (under construction, please visit again another time)

Fencing Through the Hoops: The Transformation of Victorian Women through Play
An Expanded Article based upon a lecture presented at the 2005 Conference of the Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western United States (VISAWUS) at the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque). Conference Theme that year was Victorian Rituals, Celebrations, and Anniversaries.

Fencing Through the Hoops Images
PDF of the Slideshow that accompanied the above lecture.

Turnabout is Fair Play: Cross-Dressing and Female Tricksters in Medieval French Texts 
An article on the topic of gender, transformation, and medieval French literature.



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"Seeing Between the Worlds: Women, Prehistory, and Psychedelic Awareness", (as Nan C. Druid), Green Egg: A Journal of the Awakening Earth, 31, 126, 1999, 8-11.

"Sacred Trust, I", Green Egg: A Journal of the Awakening Earth, 31, 129, 1999, 10-14, 50-51.

"Sacred Trust, II" Green Egg: A Journal of the Awakening Earth, 31, 130, 1999, 40-47.

"Pyrates, Faeries and the Wyld: Fun and Play in Life and Ritual", Green Egg: A Journal of the Awakening Earth, 32, 134, 2000, 4-5, 7.

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